MNC Land's CSR Reaches Rp6 Billion, MNC Cares Chairman: This Collaboration is a Dedication to Indonesia

PT MNC Land Tbk (KPIG) celebrated its 15th anniversary on September 27, 2022. However, various notable achievements have already been accomplished throughout this year. One remarkable milestone was the inauguration of Park Hyatt Jakarta, which has been hailed as an iconic player in the hospitality industry in Jakarta.

Equally important are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, which have collaborated with MNC Cares. Throughout 2022, there were a total of 15 CSR initiatives with a benefit value amounting to Rp6.4 billion. These activities encompassed areas such as education, healthcare, and other social assistance programs, aimed at supporting underprivileged communities.

Jessica hopes that MNC Land's CSR activities will continue in the future, as she believes that these collaborative social efforts benefit society and contribute to the success of government programs aimed at improving the welfare of the people. The various CSR programs, both past and future, represent MNC Group's commitment dedicated to Indonesia, she concluded.

Echoing Jessica's sentiments, Dr. Dian Nurdiani, the Head of Cigombong Community Health Center, cannot hide her joy over the fruitful collaboration with MNC Cares and MNC Land. Dian expresses gratitude that there are still organizations like MNC Cares and MNC Land that show great concern for children in the Lido area, Bogor.

I express my gratitude to MNC Land and MNC Cares for their collaboration with the Tugu Jaya Village government (in the Lido area). Alhamdulillah, the community is enthusiastic, said Dian. Dian considers the choice of education and healthcare CSR programs in her area as the right policy, with the hope that children in the Lido area can lead healthier lives and become accomplished individuals in the future.