Building Management

Building or premises along with supporting facilities and infrastructure are assets that need to be maintained and preserved to generate benefits and remain usable for the long term. To achieve this goal, proper and professional property management is essential.

The Property Management services we provide include:

  1. a. Landscaping/gardening works
  2. b. Building, premises, and area maintenance
  3. c. Cleaning services
  4. d. Maintenance of mechanical , machinery, electrical, and electronic equipment and tools
  5. e. Supply of mechanical, machinery, electrical, or electronic spare parts
  6. f. Pest control services
  7. g. Other integrated services

Our system is specially designed to manage data related to each owner, tenant, and guest, including all equipment and tools used. For buildings intended for rent, the system will organize stages to collect data from tenants, rental payment schedules, and collection periods, facilitating efficient monitoring within specified time frames, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The monitoring in this system will be presented in reports according to the established time-table. These reports will also include the synergy between operational and financial processes, making it easy to analyze the entire system.

Principles in Building Management:

1. General Affairs (GA)
The function and role of GA in an organization involve detailed discussions of its scope of work and responsibilities. Efficient management of office facilities includes office spaces, furniture, and office equipment. Additionally, GA should instill a sense of ownership in employees regarding the workplace facilities.

2. Building Management
Laying the foundation for proper physical building governance, including the selection of vendors/suppliers and overseeing ongoing work aspects. Furthermore, it is essential to establish effective communication systems among customers (tenants) to provide a sense of safety and security (tenant's relation). An overview of ownership and office leasing from a legal perspective regarding agreements and taxation is also necessary.

3. Building Automation System
Fire Protection Systems encompass Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems, FM-200 & CO2 Clean Agent Suppression Systems, Portable Fire Extinguishers, and Fire Alarm Systems. Additionally, Security Systems are based on Security Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems (Finger Print Control), and Closed Circuit Television Systems. Building Automation Systems include Energy Management Systems, Monitoring Systems, Maintenance Management Systems, Fire Management Systems, and Security Management Systems.

4. Define Competence
An overview of competence is how to define the responsibilities of building management staff versus General Affairs staff.