Training Center

Global Jasa Sejahtera provides solutions to enhance the competence and quality of Human Resources through various educational and training programs. The education and training materials offered are diverse and tailored to each individual's field of expertise.

Types of Training:

  1. Fund management related to finance, household, membership, correspondence, recording, coding, and social relationships.
  2. Library, spatial planning, work activities collection, their synergy, as well as government property management programs

Advanced Training:

  1. Intelligence Function/Detection, International Business, Intelligence/ Detection Function Infiltration, Business Intelligence, and Infiltration.
  2. Prevention
  3. Limited Activities
  4. Investigation
  5. Intelligence Objectives and other Training Programs.

Specialized Training:

  1. Fire Extinguishing
  2. Rescue, Search and Rescue (SAR), K9, Disaster Response
  3. Firearms and Introduction to Firearms
  4. Counterterrorism and Explosive Materials
  5. Pre-assignment Training
  6. Contingency Training
  7. Joint Training
  8. Occupational Health and Safety, Hazardous Goods Management, and other work areas
  9. Study Tours
  10. Driving Training and Advanced Driving Course or VIP Escort, Executive Protection, and Security Unit
  11. Shift Leader
  12. Quality of Service Training