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Global Jasa Sejahtera. In the year 2009, the MNC group expanded its business to include employment services; to provide building management services through the establishment of its subsidiary, PT Global Jasa Sejahtera. Services by GJS is to complement our main business objectives in Property Management. Services offered by GJS covers and includes Property Management, Security Services, office assistants (office-boy, receptionists, messengers and etc.). We have implemented a series of standard operating procedures to increase the value of the properties under our responsibility, while also aiming to keep costs and expenses as low as possible. The company currently manages many properties reaching an area of +/-530.000 square meters of real estate, 500 technical and hospitality staff and backed by 2,000 strong security personnel. During the past few years we have increased our focus on the high risk security segment and have grown much in building security management. In solid commitment, loyalty and dedication for customer satisfaction, GJS is optimistic to direct its business towards a bright future as a progressive and trusted entity.

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To provide dynamic property management and development services with the best return in the economy of scales.


Property Management through reliable, competent, professional and forward looking human resources, will enhance the quality of invested properties in the future.

Management and Board of Directors


Company team

Hary Tanoesoedibjo

President Commissioner

Indonesian citizen, 55 years old as of December 31, 2020, and currently resides in Jakarta. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in 1988, and MBA from Ottawa University, Canada in 1989.

He is the founder, controlling shareholder and Executive Chairman of MNC Group, which focuses on three business activities: Media, Financial Services, and Entertainment Hospitality.

He directly oversees PT Global Mediacom Tbk (MNC Media), the largest and the most integrated media group in South East Asia. MNC Media dominates the market with advertising based media & content, subscription-based media & broadband, as well as digital businesses.

Global Mediacom is the parent company of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk or MNC which has 4 national FTA televisions: RCTI, MNCTV, GTV, iNews, the largest portal, and as well as various digital platforms including its famous streaming service called RCTI+. MNC also produces the largest content and owns the largest content library, talent management and the largest MCN (Multi-Channel Network) with more than 200 million subscribers and followers. (

Global Mediacom is also the parent company of PT MNC Vision Networks Tbk (MVN) which owns the largest Pay TV providers with the brand MNC Vision and K-Vision, the third-largest IPTV and broadband operation called MNC Play. MVN also operates the largest OTT service called Vision+. (

In financial services, he oversees PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk, the financial holding company that has the most diversified and integrated financial services group in Indonesia with ten fully licensed operating subsidiaries, in the area of banking, multi finance, securities & brokerage, insurance, asset management, and financial technology services. (

The last group he oversees is PT MNC Land Tbk, the parent company of subsidiaries focusing on entertainment hospitalities. Its portfolio includes several office buildings and hotels in Jakarta & Surabaya as well as the most prestigious entertainment & lifestyle projects in Indonesia, such as MNC Lido City, MNC Bali Resort, Park Hyatt Jakarta, and The Westin Resort & Convention Centre in Bali. (

As a prominent entrepreneur, he actively interacts with the government and parliament in economic matters and regularly gives speeches at various national and international media events, as well as general lectures in close to 200 universities across Indonesia covering entrepreneurship and strategic management.

Company team

M. Budi Rustanto


Citizen of Indonesia, domiciled in Jakarta. He achieved a degree in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung. He was appointed chief Commissioner of the company based on the decision by RUPS on the 24th June 2019. Currently he is also the appointed Chief Commissioner of PT MNC Land Bali (since 2019), Chief Commissioner of PT MNC Land Lido (since 2019), Chief Commissioner of PT MNC Lido Resort (since 2019), Chief Commissioner of PT MNC Lido Hotel (since 2019), Chief Commissioner of PT MNC Wahana Wisata (since 2019), Chief Commissioner of PT GLD Property (since 2012), Chief Commissioner of PT MNC Graha Bali (since 2012), Chief Commissioner of PT Global Jasa Sejahtera (since 2019), Chief Commissioner of MNC Agro Wisata (since 2019). He began his career as a Marketing & System Engineer Manager at IBM (1980-1989) prior to joinning MNC Grup in 1989. Previously he was a Commissioner at PT Global Jasa Sejahtera (2012-2019), Commissioner at PT MNC Land Bali (2013-2019), Company Chief Commissioner at (2011-2013), Company Managing Director (2007-2011), Company Deputy Managing Director (2013-June 2019), Chief Commissioner at PT MNC Graha Surabaya (2012-2019), Chief Commissioner at PT MNC Land Surabaya (2012-2019), Commissioner at PT Nusadua Graha International (2012-2017), Managing Director at PT GLD Property (1999-2009), Director at PT Global Mediacom Tbk and Divisional Head Central Data Processing PT Global Mediacom Tbk (1989).

Company team

Vincent Henry Richard Hilliard


Citizen of Indonesia, domiciled in Jakarta. Attain a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. He was appointed Company Director at a Shareholders general meeting on the 24th June 2019. In his career, he been appointed as the Management Engineer and Project Director at IMPAC Consultant (1992-1993), Drilling Buyer & Contract Administrator at PT Atlantic Richfield Indonesia Inc/ARCO (1993-1997), Contract & Legal at PT IBM Indonesia (1997-1998), Procurement Professional PT IBM Indonesia (1998-2001), Account Receivable & Inventory Manager PT IBM Indonesia (2001-2004), Finance Controller PT IBM Indonesia (2005-2007), Sales Operation Manager PT IBM Indonesia (2007-2009), Country Business Operations Manager PT IBM Indonesia (2009-2011), Country Manager of HR PT IBM Indonesia (2011-2012), Head of HR at PT Panin Dai-ichi Life (2013-2015), Group Head HR at PT Paramount Enterprise International (2016-2017), Head of HR & Director of HR at PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk (2017-2019), Director of HR, General Services, Audit, Compliance, Corporate Secretary & Legal at PT MNC Land Tbk (2019-to date).


Company team

Wishnu Handoyono

President Director

Citizen of Indonesia. He was born at Tanjung Karang on the 28 Agustus 1964. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the University on the 11 March 1988 and a Master’s degree in Management at the University of Gadjah Mada in the year 2002. In his career he was a Floor Trader to General Manager PT Bhakti Investama Tbk 1990 – 1998, Director PT Bhakti Investama Tbk 1999 – 2003, Commissioner PT Bhakti Asset Management 2000 – 2004, Commissioner PT Agis Tbk 2001 – 2002, Director at PT Bhakti Capital Indonesia Tbk 2003 – 2004, President Director at PT Bhakti Securities 2004 – 2010, Senior Vice President PT Global Mediacom Tbk 2013 – 2014, Deputy Managing Director at PT MNC Infrastratur Utama May 2014 – August 2014, Managing Director at PT MNC Infrastruktur Utama August 2014 – current, Commissioner at PT Bhakti Securities 2010 – current, Director at PT GLD Property PT GLD Property 2019 - current, Director at PT. BSR 2019 – current, Managing Director at PT Global Jasa Sejahtera 2019 – current.

Company team

Alex Wardhana


Citizen of Indonesia, He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Indonesia in the year 1994. Before joining the company he worked as a Corporate Account Officer in a number of banks until 1999, Senior Manager IBRA Asset Management Credit Division (1999-2004), worked in the Bakrie Group as a Chief Finance Officer at PT Bali Nirwana Resort and PT Bakrie Nirwana Semesta, and Director in a number of subsidiaries under the Bakrieland Development Tbk (2004-2013). He joined the MNC Group since 2013 as a Chief Finance Officer in a number of subsidiaries under MNC Land. Currently he is appointed Chief Finance Officer (2020-current).

Company team

Donny Ferdiansyah

Managing Director

Citizen of Indonesia. Born in Tangerang, 24 May 1977. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the STIE Perbanas Jakarta in the year 2000. Formerly, worked as Staff Accounting, Back Office and Marketing at Bank Mega (2000 – 2005), Staff Finance and Treasury Section at PT. Global Informasi Bermutu (2005 – 2011), Staff Admin and Personal Assistant to Executive Chairman MNC Group (2011 – 2017), Managing Director PT. BSR Indonesia (2017 – current), Managing Director PT. Global Jasa Sejahtera (May 2020 – to date).

Corporate Structure

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