Security Services, Consultancy and Training

Providing Security Consultant Services to users in the form of application of security equipment technology related to how, procedures for securing an object that are adjusted to the Conditions of the Security Area and the Agreement of the Service User or Client.

The scope of work includes identifying business processes and asset vulnerability assessments which include Identification of Asset Characteristics, Threat Assessment, Threat Analysis, Risk Assessment, Safeguard Plans, and Control Analysis.

The Center for Education and Training is a leadership support element that is under and responsible to the Head through the Main Secretary. The Center for Education and Training has the task of implementing education and training for human resources in cybersecurity and code and for accreditation of educational and training institutions as well as evaluation and reporting.

Our Service is complemented by a Security Service Business Entity certificate in the areas of:
a. Provision of Security Personnel
b. Security Training
c. Application of Security Equitment
d. Security Consulting.

The provision of Security consultancy services for clients is a form of service, where the application of technology for security taking into account the application and the procedures that matches the building and the conditions in the surrounding area and within the client’s building.

As for the scope of work, it includes identification of the business process or work administration and analyze the environment surrounding the building, the characteristics of the asset, its value, the threats and risks, the dangers and the analysis to contain all these aspects.
Formed to serve and protect companies, the whole company and its assets to create a conducive and safe environment so that the company can focus on its principle business.

Being experienced, trusted and a good management system in the Security service business is an investment of value much appreciated by our company. Towards this end, we are committed to always be focused and align our activities with the hope of protecting, upgrading and keep the reputation of all our clients.

Our strong points:
1. We apply consistent and competent study and training to make our workforce professionals.
2.We plan and develop a management system of security according to the characteristics of the working environment.
3. Build a good rapport and relationship with all stakeholders.
4. An organized system of supervision and reporting.

Our Motto: Professional, Proportional, Responsive, Partnership and Trust

Besides functioning as a Security Service Consultant, we also serve in the following fields:
1. Security Device Providers We supply our clients with the latest and quality technology Security devices that will best match the needs of our client.
2. Security Training Center.
3. Security Guard Services Providing a Security Unit to match the client’s requirement.
Security Guards (Satpam) to provide security services to keep the peace and order in their said work area including safety and surety.